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Easter Eggs and Nods

Science Fiction Easter Eggs and Blatant Nods

  • Page 21 last paragraph and continues into page 22. Not so much Easter Egg as blatant nod. 1984 by George Orwell.

  • Page 53 last John Smith statement. "all this has happened before and it will all happen again." Peter Pan as explained on the following page. This also ties to the new Battle Star Galactica in that they changed the phrase slightly and structured the series just like this book. Anyone who watched the final episode should completely understand the circular storyline parallel and in particular the conversation about the missing link. In many ways, Battle Star Galactica is the inspiration for this novel. It inspired me to say "Let's take the Peter Pan phrase, and actually spin it out on earth. Not a fictional earth, the current one."

  • Page 88 last statement of JS. "We are star-stuff. We are the universe, made manifest, trying to figure itself out." Babylon 5.

  • Page 115 - chapter title "10,000 Years and 20,000 Leagues" Jules Verne as blatantly explained on page 142

  • Page 149 "Those who told the tale of the Egyptian gods being aliens that transferred their knowledge into the bodies of young boys culled from the villages and could heal themselves in a magical sarcophagus. It was a tale handed down over many lifetimes and each teller changed it a little. It did make for some great television though." All true fans of the SyFy channel should recognize this as the Stargate franchise.

  • Page 153 incorrectly spelled Galondancore - should be Galorndancore. Star Trek. Misspelled because when La Forge says it you don't really hear the "r".

  • Page 159 "The Prime Directive" Star Trek in all forms for all generations.